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Question asked in SSC CHSL 2017 Tier I exam on 11 march 2018.

SSC CHSL 2017 Tier I question asked 11 March 2018

General Awareness

  1. In which year the first Iron & Steel Industry was established in India? ans. ⇒ 1970
  2. In which five-year plan, Khadi & Village Industries Commission was established? ans. ⇒ 2nd five-year plan
  3. Which part of constitution inspires us to establish the socialist system? ans. ⇒ Policy Directive Principles
  4. Where is the headquarter of International Civil Aviation Organization located? ans. ⇒ Montréal, Canada.
  5. In which year, Amnesty International was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace? ans. ⇒ 1977


  1. What is the synonym of ‘consolidate’? ans. ⇒ Strenghten
  2. What is the antonym of ‘Loiter’? ans. ⇒ Forge
  3. What is the synonym of ‘Impiety’? ans. ⇒ Transgression
  4. What is the active voice of – ‘Glass was broken.’ ans. ⇒ Somebody had broken the glass.
  5. What is the antonym of ‘Nefarious’? ans. ⇒ Righteous
  6. What is the meaning of idiom – ‘feel the pinch’? ans. ⇒ Experience financial hardship
  7. Which is the meaning of – ‘head start’? ans. ⇒ Advantage over someone
  8. Change the narration Socrates Said, “Virtue is its own reward”. ans. ⇒ Socrates said that virtue is its own reward.
  9. Fill in the blanks – There is no sense _________ carrying on that way. ans. ⇒ of
  10. Fill in the blanks – The infant _________ quietly sucking its thumb. ans. ⇒ Laid
  11. Correct the sentence – You should avail of every opportunity to practice your skill. ans. ⇒ Avail yourself of
  12. Correct the sentence – A few word of gratitude are enough to express your feelings sincerely. ans. ⇒ A few words of
  13. Correct the sentence – Sunrise is a great phenomena. ans. ⇒ Phenomenon


  1. Cos 1o X Cos 2o X …………….. X Cos 179 o = ? ans. ⇒ Zero
  2. A sphere of 8 cm diameter was melt to make small spheres of radius 1 cm. How many spheres will be made? ans. ⇒ 64
  3. A invested Rs. 25000 in a business for a year. B came after 4 months and he invested Rs. 20000 in the same business. What will be the ratio of their profits at the end of a year? ans. ⇒ 15:8
  4. The ratio of ages of A & B is 3:5 and the sum of their ages is 80. After 10 years, what will be the ratio of their age? ans. ⇒ 2:3
  5. Cost price of 10 objects is equal to the selling price of 9 objects. What will be the % profit? ans. ⇒ 11 1/9%
  6. The ratio of cost price and selling price of an object is 8:9. What will be the % profit? ans. ⇒ 12.5%
  7. The radius of a wheel is 1.75 m. In how many rotations it will cover the distance of 11 Km? ans. ⇒ 1000

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