Question asked in SSC CHSL 2017(General Awareness) Tier I exam on 10 march 2018.

SSC CHSL 2017 Tier I question asked 10 March 2018

General Awareness

  • How many fundamental right have been referred in Indian Constitutions.
  • Whose consent is necessary to make the law of a bill?
  • Which ancient city of Hindu Civilian has been famous for seaport?
  • In which year, Mahatma Gandhi has Invoked the Satyagraha against the Rowlatt Acts?
  • On which date of year, Cold Wave is observed?
  • Which of the following is world’s second largest continent after Asia?
  • What is the reason for balance of Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen in atmosphere?
  • Emission mean ?
  • Which of the following states shares border with Arunachal Pradesh?
    • State Names given
  • What does PMKSY stands for?
  • Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana.
  • What is the total surface area of Nepal?
  • In which part of human body Alveoli are present?
  • CAG submits its report to
  • After demonetization how much % money back to RBI?
  • What does I stands for in FIU ?