Vision IAS has released its weekly magazine inter-state water governance; candidates can read this magazine for subject society, science, and technology.

Vision IAS Weekly Magazine inter-state water governance for UPSC Civil Services Mains Examination.

Vision IAS inter-state water governance
Vision IAS inter-state water governance

Vision IAS has released a weekly magazine, inter-state water governance, on the 3rd Week of March 2021. Candidates can read this magazine for sustainable development, water crisis issues.

India has 25 major river basins, with most of the rivers flowing across multiple states. As river basins are shared resources, a coordinated approach between the center and the states becomes necessary for the preservation, equitable distribution, and sustainable utilization of river water. However, the absence of a clear coordinated approach has led to governance architecture in India, cause huge costs to the economy, and also affect the implementation of interstate river development projects and rejuvenation programs.

In This context, the Central government, by exercising its jurisdiction over interstate rivers has recently presented three Bills in Parliament, these are- River Basin Management Bill, 2019; River water disputes Bill 2019; Dam Safety Authority Bill 2019 to deal with ISWDs. The experts, however, argued that if enacted, these three bills can further upset the balance of power between states and the centre.

In this context, it is vital to know about major ISWDs in India and what are the factors that fuel these disputes, what is the current framework to deal with ISWDs? What are the challenges associated with the resolution of ISWSs, How to recent steps taken by the government will deal with the issue, and what is the way forward to ensure a sound and effective water governance across states?

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