Vision IAS has released its weekly magazine Important Institution in a Democracy; candidates can read this magazine for subject society, science, and technology.

Vision IAS Weekly Magazine Important Institution in a Democracy for UPSC Civil Services Mains Examination.

Vision IAS Important Institution in a Democracy
Vision IAS Important Institution in a Democracy

Vision IAS has released a weekly magazine, Important Institution in a Democracy, on the 2nd Week of February 2021. Candidates can read this magazine for science and technology and society subjects.

Democracy, in essence, is rule by the people. It implies creating a political system where the effective power in a society is collectively exercised by the people themselves. Democratic rule is broadly based on the universal ideals of equality, liberty and fraternity. In a world based on equality, who decides how these ideals will be achieved and how democracy will be operationalized? Institutions answer these questions by providing and safeguarding democratic processes.

The democratic processes and their efficacy determines what will be the nature of a democracy, what are its ideals and indirectly, how successful it will be. For instance, the response to the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted how countries with capable institutions were more efficient in executing the democratic processes and, thus, the overall outcomes. The crisis created by the pandemic was accompanied by the exposure of other fault lines in democratic institutions as well. For example, the assault on Capitol Hill in the US showcases the simmering distrust for the institution.

But before we delve into these issues and find a potential solution, it becomes important to understand what are institutions of democracy and how did they evolve? What role do they play in the functioning of a democracy? How does the relationship between 'institutions and democracy' affect the development of a nation? What are the emerging challenges faced by these institutions? And what can be done to overcome these challenges and prepare institutions for the future?

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