Vision IAS has released its weekly magazine Coastal Security: State of India’s Preparedness; candidates can read this magazine for subject society, science, and technology.

Vision IAS Weekly Magazine Coastal Security: State of India’s Preparedness for UPSC Civil Services Mains Examination.

Vision IAS Coastal Security: State of India’s Preparedness
Vision IAS Coastal Security: State of India’s Preparedness

Vision IAS has released a weekly magazine Coastal Security: State of India’s Preparedness, on the 2nd Week of February 2021. Candidates can read this magazine for science and technology and society subjects.

India’s quintessential maritime character and vital geostrategic location are twin factors that have defined her growth as a nation and evolution as a cosmopolitan civilisation. But this seamless nature of the maritime domain also enables ready flow of threats and challenges. In recent years, the rise in non-traditional threats, especially maritime terrorism (which includes the infamous 26/11 terror attack), has necessitated an increased focus on coastal and offshore security. Even before 26/11, security vulnerabilities used to plague India from maritime spaces.

Accordingly, the coastal and offshore security apparatus has evolved as per changes in the nature and type of threats, with increased involvement of the Indian Navy and Coast Guard (CG) in support of the state police and security agencies. Recent attempts in this direction include changes in the Coast Guard Act, 1978 to give more teeth to CG and establish a Maritime Theatre Command (MTC) by 2022 to enhance coordination between the defence forces. However, despite some success in key areas, the littoral apparatus remains riddled with loopholes and persistent flaws in the existing architecture that threaten to unravel the gains made in recent years.

In this context, it is critical to understand the meaning of coastal security. Why is coastal security considered indispensable to India’s internal security? Why Indian Coasts remain vulnerable to seaborne threats? How India’s Coastal security architecture has evolved over the years? What loopholes still exist in India’s Coastal Security architecture, and how India could fill these gaps to effectively confront the multifarious challenges it faces in the complex maritime environment of the 21st century?

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