Union Public Service Commission(UPSC) has released exam calendar of Year 2019-20

UPSC Exam Calendar 2019

Union Public Service Commission(UPSC) has released exam calendar of Year 2019. UPSC every year issue the exam calendar of its scheduled exams over the year. This will help the candidate to monitor their preparation according to time remain as well as details of all exams conducted by UPSC. This year UPSC conducted CSE Prelims on 2nd June 2019.

S.No.Name of ExaminationDate of NotificationLast Date forreceipt of ApplicationsDate ofcommencement of ExamDuration of Exam
1Engineering Services (Preliminary) Examination, 201926.09.201822.10.201806.01.20191 DAY
2Reserved for UPSC RT/ Examination  20.01.20191 DAY
3C.D.S. Examination (I), 201931.10.201826.11.201803.02.20191 DAY
4Reserved for UPSC RT/ Examination  24.02.20191 DAY
5CISF AC(EXE) LDCE-201905.12.201831.12.201803.03.20191 DAY
6Reserved for UPSC RT/ Examination  10.03.20191 DAY
7N.D.A. & N.A. Examination (I), 201909.01.201904.02.201921.04.20191 DAY
8Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination, 201919.02.201918.03.201902.06.20191 DAY
9Indian Forest Service (Preliminary) Examination, 2019through CS(P) Examination 2019
10I.E.S./I.S.S. Examination, 201920.03.201916.04.201928.06.2019(FRIDAY)3 DAYS
11Combined Geo-Scientist and Geologist Examination,201920.03.201916.04.201928.06.2019(FRIDAY)3 DAYS
12Reserved for UPSC RT/ Examination  07.07.20191 DAY
13Engineering Services (Main) Examination, 2019  30.06.20191 DAY
14Combined Medical Services Examination, 201910.04.201906.05.201921.07.20191 DAY
15Reserved for UPSC RT/ Examination  11.08.20191 DAY
16Central Armed Police Forces (ACs) Examination, 201924.04.201920.05.201918.08.20191 DAY
17C.D.S. Examination (II), 201912.06.201908.07.201908.09.20191 DAY
18Reserved for UPSC RT/ Examination  15.09.20191 DAY
19Civil Services (Main) Examination, 2019  20.09.2019(FRIDAY)5 DAYS
20Reserved for UPSC RT/ Examination  20.10.20191 DAY
21N.D.A. & N.A. Examination (II), 201907.08.201903.09.201917.11.20191 DAY
22Reserved for UPSC RT/ Examination  24.11.20191 DAY
23Indian Forest Service (Main) Examination, 2019  01.12.201910 DAYS
24S.O./Steno (GD-B/GD-I) LDCE18.09.201910.10.201914.12.2019(SATURDAY)2 DAYS
UPSC has right to change the exam schedule.
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