Question asked in SSC CHSL 2017 Tier I exam on 09 march 2018.

SSC CHSL 2017 Tier I question asked 09 March 2018

General Awareness

  1. If a body slides over a surface, what is force resisting the motion between them called?
  2. In which language did the drafting committee write the Indian Constitution?
  3. Which is representative of Dravida style of temple Architecture?
  4. Where is the Gir forest located?
  5. Who was the 1st Indian to win Mrs. World in 2001?
  6. Who was the First Governor of Bengal?


  1. The synonym of ‘Impiety’
  2. Direct-Indirect speech.
    Veer said, “I was playing football”.
  3. Fill in the blanks
    Expectant mothers are more ____ to lung due to smoking.


  1. From the top of cliff 100 m height, angles of depression of the top bottom of a tower are observed to be 30 and 45, respectively. What is the height of the tower?
  2. The Average age of A and B is 50 years and that of B and C is 38 years. What is the difference between the age of A  and C?
  3. The difference between the simple interest a received from the two different banks on same Rs 1200 for 3  years is Rs.108. Then find the difference between the rate of interest of banks.
  4. A wholesaler sells a watch to a retailer at a profit of 25% and the retailer sells it to a customer at a loss of 12 %. If the customer pays Rs 1045, what had it cost the wholesaler?
  5. If 31 % of the electricity bill is deducted, Rs 1794 is still to be paid. How much was the original bill amount?


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