Current Affair of 24 March 2018, Exam View.

Current Affair 24 march 2018

Delhi government presents 'green budget'

  • The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) led Delhi government on Thursday presented a 'green budget'
  • Aim of Green Budget is to controlling pollution and monitoring its impact on the environment.
  • This is the first “Green budget” of the government for effective containment of pollution in the city.

One app, 1,000 services: mKeralam

Kerala, which last year became the first State to declare Internet a basic human right, has notched up another first by launching mKeralam, an app that will serve as a single window for accessing thousands of government services.

Developed by the Kerala State Information Technology Mission, the app will initially offer 100 citizen-oriented public services of 20 departments, before eventually expanding to 1,000 services from more than 80 departments.

The services accessible via mKeralam are already available through

Andhra Pradesh Government launches multi-utility vehicle Naipunya Ratham

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu launched the Naipunya Ratham, a multi-utility vehicle. As part of the ‘Smart Village Smart Ward Programme’ of the state, the Naipunya Rathams will facilitate and look to improve digital literacy and digital skills.

  • Also known as 'World on Wheels (WoW)'
  • Aimed at taking technology and innovation to the remote corners of the State
  • It aims to create opportunities in underserved communities and empower people everywhere to build a better and more prosperous life.
  • Naipunya Ratham is a part of HP's commitment to build and deploy 48 Internet-enabled digital inclusion and learning labs in PPP model, aimed at driving digital literacy, E-education, Entrepreneurship training and other citizen services in rural India.

Maldives President Lifts state of Emergency

Maldives President Abdulla Yameen lifted a 45-day State of Emergency on Thursday(22 March 2018),

The announcement of a State of Emergency was precipitated by a Constitutional Crisis created by two Justices of the Supreme Court who conspired with political actors to violate both the Constitution and standard legal norms and practices in order to illegally overthrow a lawful Government, and whose actions constituted an imminent threat to national security.

President Yameen imposed a State of emergency on February 5 for 15 days later he extended the state of emergency by another 30 days with parliament approval

Integrated Scheme for Development of Silk Industry

  • The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs had given its approval for Central Sector Scheme "Integrated Scheme for Development of Silk Industry".
  • The core objective of the scheme is to improve the productivity and quality of silk through R&D intervention.
  • It is expected to increase the silk production from the level of 30348 MTs during 2016-17 to 38500 MTs by end of 2019-20
  • It will promote Women Empowerment and livelihood opportunities to SC/ST and other weaker sections of the society by 2020.
  • It will be implemented by the Ministry through Central Silk Board (CSB).
  • AIMS: to achieve self-sufficiency in silk production by 2022
  • The Scheme has four components
    1. - Research & Development, Training, Transfer of Technology and IT Initiatives
    2. - Seed Organizations and farmers extension centres
    3. - Coordination and Market Development for seed, yarn and silk products
    4. - Quality Certification System by creating a chain of Silk Testing facilities, Farm based & post-cocoon Technology Up-gradation, and Export Brand Promotion

Dravidian language family is 4,500 years old: study

The Dravidian language family, consisting of 80 varieties spoken by nearly 220 million people across southern and central India, originated about 4,500 years ago, a study has found.

The Dravidian language family’s four largest languages — Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu of which Tamil reaches back the furthest and along with Sanskrit, Tamil is one of the world’s classical languages.