Current Affair of 13 March 2018, Exam View.

Current Affair 13 march 2018

China's Xi Jinping possibly set to rule for Life

Xi Jinping

China's Parliament abolished the decades-old two-term limit for the President, allowing Xi Jinping to remain as the country's leader for life.

The constitutional changes were passed in Beijing by the annual sitting of the National People's Congress - the country's legislature - with two-third majority. Of the 2,964 delegates, only two voted against the change, while three abstained.

64-year old Xi Jinping is currently in his second five-year term and due to retire in 2023 under the current two term system.


It is first ever multi nation naval excise at sea. MILES 18 is a three day naval excise began at Andaman Sea in which 11 naval ships of 8 countries and nine Indian ships are participating

The exercise Aim to hone search and rescue procedures, maritime interdiction operations, and core operational skills and exercise a variety of maritime security scenarios.

Multilateral Air Force Exercise 'Samvedna'

Multilateral Air Force Exercise Samvedna

A Multilateral Air Force exercise, 'Samvedna', will be held from March 12 to 17, 2018.

The exercise, spearheaded by Indian Air Force and conducted by Southern Air Command (SAC). Samvedna, which means 'Empathy', is the first composite Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief(HADR) Air exercise in the South Asian region and would be focused on practicing Air Force centric HADR solutions in a Multi-national cooperative Disaster Management environment.

Aim of this to ensure better understanding and sharing of response procedures between a number of friendly neighbouring nations.

India's Tallest Tricolor

India's Tallest Tricolor

India’s tallest tricolour hoisted on 12th March 2018 in Belagavi, Karnataka. It's height is 110m , size of tricolor 120x90ft and weight is 500kg.

World Ocean Summit 2018 held in Mexico

World Ocean Summit 2018 was held in Riviera Maya, Mexico from 7th to 9th March 2018. This was the fifth World Ocean Summit. More than 360 leaders from government, industry, multilateral organisations, scientific community and civil society all over the world took part in WOS

Problems related to the world’s seas and solutions to protect ocean resources were discussed in the summit.

Source: DD News,The Hindu, PIB, EconomicTimes
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