SSC CGL 2017 Tier-I exam review/analysis of exam held today morning/noon/and evening session (8th August)..

In this review you'll able to understand exam level of SSC CGL exam helding and you can make yourself ready for that.

SSC CGL 2017, Question asked in CGLE 2017 on 8th August 2017- All Shift.

This year as we're seeing that exam pattern is changing exam by exam and don't think that very similar question will be asked by SSC in every exam, There is a huge change by SSC in English Section, question as we see in last exam are taken from Narration, Cloze and Voice. But please keep in mind that same will not be asked in every exam for be ready for the change too, may be possible that reading comprehension include.

Candidate must focus on
Mathematics: Advance Maths, Revise all formula and short trick,(Don't try new tricks now.)
English: Focus on Vocabulary and Cloze Test
Reasoning: Try mock tests, solve max number of que in this because of high accuracry rate.
General Awareness: General Awareness, they need to focus more on Medieval History, Geography and Science, and for CA read awards, book Games and Author name of famous books.

SSC CGL Tier 1 Question Analysis 08th August 2017 all 3 Shift

Reasoning Ability

Direction - 1
Paper cutting - 1 easy
Mirror Image -1 easy
Series - 1 eg (3,6,9,15,24,39,63,....) moderate type
Counting of figures - 1 (Number of triangles)
Venn Diagram - 1 (Socialist, Educationalist and one more)
Cube & Dice - 1 (Symbol on opposite face)
Coding-Decoding (2 difficult questions)
Blood Relation (1)
Matrix - 1 (STEAL)
Embedded Figure - 1
Classification - 2 (120,145,442,82)
Analogy - 2
Mathematical operation - (1)
Missing number - 1
Miscellaneous - Apx 7 questions

Quantitative Aptitude

Advance Maths 

  • Geometry - 2-3 (1 circle + 1 triangle based): moderate
  • Trigonometry - 4 (based on identities and formulas):moderate
  • Algebra - 2 (rationalisation) - (time consuming)
  • Mensuration : 1-2 easy

DI- Pie Chart

  • Question-based on central angle
  • No. of Shoes was given and five different companies like Reebok, Nike, Adidas etc)
  • based on the percentage
  • difference between production of two projects


  • Profit and Loss - 1 - Moderate
  • Successive Discounts -1 - Easy
  • Time and Work -1 (based on wages) - moderate
  • Si & CI - 1 - easy
  • Average - 1 (sum of ages of five persons of family was given) - moderate
  • Time and Distance - 1 (Car and train)- Difficult


  • Voice - 1 (easy)
  • Error spotting - 3 (easy)
  • Narration - 1 (easy)
  • Parajumbles - 2 (time consuming, moderate)
  • English


    • Idiom Phrases - 2 (level: vary student to student)the Alpha & Omega, throw the sponge)
    • Antonym & Synonym - 2-3 (moderate): garrulous, Sacrify
    • One word Substitution - 2 (Somnambulist,)
    • Spelling Errors - 2 (normal)
  • Sentence improvement - 3

Cloze test - 5 (moderate) based on promotion related factors

General Awareness

  • Science - apx 7 (easy)
  • Polity - apx 4 to 5 (easy)
  • Economics - 2-3 (moderate)
  • Current Affairs - apx -4 (moderate)
  • Geography - 3 - 4 (moderate)
  • History - apx 4-5 (moderate)

General Awareness Question asked on 8th August 2017 - All shift

Here are some question from today's Exam. This question are memory based and please comment below for more memory based Questions. We keep updating you

  1. Who built the Vijay Stambh? –Rana Kumbha
  2. The writer of the book"citizen and society'? –Mohammad Hamid Ansari
  3. Itai itai disease caused by?
  4. Which state has the largest coastal boundary?
  5. Which acid is present in ant sting?– formic acid
  6. One question related to *Vikalp scheme*
  7. How many types of Writs are there in the Constitution?
  8. Which country was involved in Jal Sanrakshan Samjhauta?
  9. Which movie won Oskar 2017?
  10. Saffron is obtained from which part of the plant? – Stigma
  11. Rovers cup is related to which sport? – Football
  12. At which place gravity is highest? – Poles
  13. Full form of LAN? – Local Area Network
  14. Cholera was discovered by?
  15. Monument built by Maharana Pratap Singh?
  16. Which acid is present in ant sting?
  17. Bud grows from which part of the plant?
  18. Who is the ex officio president of the Indian Parliamentary Group?
  19. Which event was held for minorities to promote their art and sculpture?
  20. Five kingdom classification was given by?
  21. Who is responsible for transportation of water from roots to leaves?
  22. The slogan swaraj is my birth and Ishall have it was given by?
  23. How many calories required to decide poverty in India?
  24. Dpsp from which part of the indian constitution?
  25. How many fundamental duties are there in Indian Constitution?
  26. Rovers cup associated with which sport?
  27. Todarmal was part of which Mughal ruler's court?
  28. Function of phloem?
  29. Que related to personalities-
    a. mitali raj
    b. poonam rani
    c. lalita babar
  30. Who invented Dynamite – Alfred Nobel
  31. Todar Mal was the finance minister of which mughal emperor? – Akhbar
  32. Schedule 4 of the Indian Constitution is about? – Allocation of Seats in Rajya Sabha
  33. Which diseases is caused due to bite of female Anopheles Mosquito? – Malaria
  34. Anemia is caused due to deficiency of? – Iron
  35. What is Reduction? – Gaining of an electron
  36. “Back to Vedas” slogan given by? – Dayanand Saraswati
  37.              Transports water from roots to leaves in plants? – Xylem
  38. Which metal is used in bulb? – Tungsten
  39. Who is the author of book “Ace Against Odds”? – Sania Mirza
  40. Trees that lose all their leaves once a year are called? – Deciduous
  41. One question related to Vikalp scheme.
  42. Index matching question.
  43. Questions related to Newton’s 1st, 2nd & 3rd law & Galileo’s law.
  44. Which instrument is used for measuring humidity in the air? – Hygrometer
  45. Which of the following quantities is not Vector Quantity? – Speed
  46. Female Anopheles carry which disease? – Malaria
  47. One question from Constitution part IV? – Directive Principles of State Policy
  48. The number of fundamental duties written in the constitution? – 11
  49. Maximum GK questions are from sciences.
  50. 2 Qs from sports.
  51. Questions related to primary, tertiary sector.