SSC CGLE 22 Aug 2017 All Subject, QA

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Today we're publishing question asked on 22nd Aug 2017 in SSC CGLE. You can read our older posts for earlier exams and QA. We keep updating you about ongoing exams, and wish for your best.

SSC CGLE 22 Aug 2017 All Subject, QA

General Awareness Question asked on 22nd Aug 2017 CGLE

#1. Shift - I, GK Questions

  1. World Cup 2019 will be held in? England
  2. What is Salinity of sea water? 35 parts per thousand
  3. Acetic acid reacts with baking powder to create? CO2
  4. Gol Gumbaj situated at? karnataka
  5. One question on Butterfly species?
  6. Who discovered Neon?  Sir William Ramsay, & Morris M. Travers
  7. Sher khan defeated whom at battle of chausa and kannauj? Humayun
  8. Rbi is in which List of Indian constitution? Union
  9. Crystallization is physical/chemical change? Physical
  10. One question on book and author?
  11. One question on demand and price?
  12. One question from UN messenger of peace.
  13. In chola dynasty what was non brahmin agricultural land called.? vellanvagai
  14. How much part of world is water body? 71 %
  15. What consumes more than 50% of the total atmospheric CO2?Algae
  16. Which of the following is not a member of SAARC?
  17. One question on shyama prashad rurban mission?

#2. Shift - II, GK Questions

  1. Properties of metals get converted into thin sheets is called as ? Malleability
  2. Which amendment is required to change name of a state? 
  3. Which is the capital of Tomar dynasty? Delhi
  4. Army, Navy and Air force comes in which list ? Union List
  5. Worlds oldest lady who died this year, belonged to which country? Italy
  6. Who is the architecture of Humayun tomb? Mirak Mirza Ghiyas
  7. Name the wife of Jahangir? Noor jahan
  8. Bangladesh does not share border with? Jharkhand
  9. Which country will host World cup hockey 2018? India
  10. How many lok sabha seats from Uttarakhand? 5
  11. Name of Railway life insurance scheme which will cover up to 10 lakh in 92 paise?
  12. If two products are formed then the change is? Chemical
  13. Who is inventor of electricity? Benjamin Franklin
  14. Which of the following is the most prestigious award? Bharat Ratna
  15. Continental crust contains alumina and maximum composition of which mineral? Silica

#3. Shift - III, GK Questions

  1. Sher Shah suri defeated which mughal ruler twice?  Humayun
  2. Oldest man who died was from which country? Indonesia
  3. Who is discoverer of penicillin? Alexander Fleming
  4. After Battle of plassey who was made Sultan of bengal after sirajudaulla, ? Mir Jafar
  5. River going to meet ocean divided into ? 
  6. Name of SAARC Secretary General? Abul Ahsan
  7. Grammy award 2016 given to which album? Taylor Swift (1989)
  8. Limewater + CO2 forms what?  calcium carbonate, CaCO3 (turns lime water milky)
  9. Highest number of gold medals in Olympics? American swimmer Michael Phelps
  10. Mission Indradhanush is related to ?  Immunisation of all children
  11. women have how many uterus?
  12. One question on shape of human Ear.
  13. Gol Gumbaj was built in which century? 17th
  14. tallest man Sodimedjo (Mbah Gotho), belong to which country? Indonesia
  15. Sea anemone belongs to which phylum? Cnidaria
  16. Which of the following is not algae?

Qauntitative Aptitude Question asked on 22nd Aug 2017 CGLE

#1. Shift - I, Qauntitative Aptitude

  1. 25% of a number is 20, Then the no?
  2. Secβ= 5/3 cosecβ??
  3. Sec30+ tan 60
  4. Avg of 4 No's is 1250, 5th new no added of 2000. New average?
  5. 80% of a number is 1000. Number?
  6. P(a,b) is origin reflection of a number P1 which is reflection of point (4,-3). Coordinate of P

#2. Shift - II, Qauntitative Aptitude

  1. Sec45+ tan30 = ?
  2. Data Interpretation – Bar chart based on five companies with number of employees working in it.

#3. Shift - III, Qauntitative Aptitude

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English Questions asked on 22nd Aug 2017 CGLE

#1. Shift - I, English

  1. Idioms: Get on nerves, keep under hat
  2. One word : Sabotage and One who plays judo
  3. Syno : Mordid
  4. Anto: Abeyance
  5. Spelling Correction : illicit 

#2. Shift - II, English

  1. Spelling Test – Revellers, Adulant
  2. Synonyms – Reluctant, Prerequisite
  3. Antonym – Squander, Dominate
  4. Error Spotting – The sailors (A) / kept his ( B) / luggage and started (C) / sailing the ship (D) / No Error (D)

#3. Shift - III, English

  1. Synonyms/Antonyms : Rebuke, rebate, ravage
  2. Idioms: Achilles heel, Beat around the bush

Reasoning Ability Question asked on 22nd Aug 2017 CGLE

#1. Shift - I, Reasoning

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#2. Shift - II, Reasoning

  1. Office: Colleagues:: Home: ? 
  2. If REGRAIN is coded as QDFQZM then PRY will be coded as?

#3. Shift - III, Reasoning