SSC CGLE 19 Aug 2017 All Subject, QA

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SSC CGLE 19 Aug 2017 All Subject, QA

General Awareness Question asked on 19th Aug 2017 CGLE

#1. Shift - I, GK Questions

  1. Which is Known as artificial silk? Rayon
  2. Uranus planet discovere by? William Herschel
  3. Position of India according to Area? 7
  4. Attorney general take part in Parliament is mentioned in which article? 
  5. Which state's boundary don't touch China, Himachal, Sikkim, Arunachal, Bihar. ? Bihar
  6. Who won Nobel prize in chemistry? Jean-Pierre Sauvage, Fraser Stoddart, Ben Feringa
  7. Digital Dakiya is established in which state? Madhya Pradesh
  8. Which Acid present in grapes? Tartaric
  9. If v=u+at , what is u in this equation? Initial Velocity
  10. What is the Full Form of HTML? Hypertext Markup Language
  11. In which Year AIDMK was established? 1972
  12. Nalanda University was built by ?  Kumaragupta I
  13. Which country hosted 2015 Rugby world cup? England
  14. Namak Satyagrah/Dandi March was completed in how many days? 24 Days
  15. French open winner in 2016?
  16. Which is known as the master gland? Pituitary gland 
  17. Habeus corpus is used to prevent which fundamental right? Right to freedom
  18. When market demand is less and supply is high is called______?
  19. One Question Related to Pandit Deen Dayal Yojana.
  20. Tomars are defeated by chauhans of which region? Haryana

#2. Shift - II, GK Questions

  1. Notepad is an editor is of which operating system? Windows
  2. MgO + H₂O = ___________? Mg(OH)2
  3. Which movie got Best film National award 2016? Kasaav
  4. When was economic reforms were introduced in India? 1991
  5. Which country topped the rank in HDI? Norway
  6. British forced farmers to produce which crop in Assam, Darjeeling? Tea
  7. How many seats in Rajya Sabha Tripura? 1
  8. Who was runner-up of Rugby world cup 2015? Australia
  9. Crust of sea is made up of silica and _________? Magnesium
  10. What is threshold Size of particles after which  particle will be counted as air pollutants.?
  11. Pradhan Mantri pension and life insurance scheme? Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana
  12. Monkey, gorilla are related to which group? Monophyletic groups
  13. Monuments in Hampi is built by which kings? Harihara-I to Sadasiva Raya.
  14. What is the process of picking useful thing and using from waste and garbage? Recycling
  15. Meanders form which type of Lake? Oxbow
  16. What decreases friction- lubrication
  17. Convert 101 into binary ? 01100101
  18. Who is the inventor of Space pen? Paul C. Fisher
  19. Chole dynasty ruled in which part of India? Southern

#3. Shift - III, GK Questions

  1. Mahmud was Sultan of which place? Ghazni
  2. What id the SI unit of acceleration - m/s2 
  3. How many Rajya Sabha Seats for Maharashtra- 19
  4. Name the 1st Indian to scale mt. Everest 6 times?Loveraj Singh Dharamshaktu
  5. The world's largest optical telescope has started in the country? Chile
  6. 2017 National Theatre festival was hosted by which state? Kerala
  7. One question on Magnesium  - Magnesium oxide
  8. Who discovered Photon- Albert Einstein

Qauntitative Aptitude Question asked on 19th Aug 2017 CGLE

#1. Shift - I, Qauntitative Aptitude

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#2. Shift - II, Qauntitative Aptitude

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#3. Shift - III, Qauntitative Aptitude

  1. If Secθ+tanθ=3 then Cos2θ = ? 
  2. Question on finding the no. of zeros 
  3. Rootx + 1/rootx = 1 
  4. Find x512+1/x512 
  5. x2+x =5 then (X+3)2 +1/(x+3)2 = ? 
  6. 2sin sqrθ + 4 coses sqr θ  Find min value. 
  7. A seller mark the price 50% above the cost price and give 10% discount on an item. Also while selling , he cheats customer by giving 20% less in weight . Find his overall profit % 
  8. a3+b3=152. a+b=8 then ab=?
  9. Mirror of point (5,-2) at line x=-1
  10. 4yr simple interest given..principal asked
  11. Hexagom area side 14
  12. 1/3*sec3θ cot45
  13. Two men efficiency given and time given to complete work when they work 

English Questions asked on 19th Aug 2017 CGLE

#1. Shift - I, English

  1. Idioms: At your finger tips
  2. Cloze Test: Bird species

#2. Shift - II, English

  1. Antonym: Persistent
  2. Idiom: in Black & white
  3. Cloze Test: Yoga

#3. Shift - III, English

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Reasoning Ability Question asked on 19th Aug 2017 CGLE

#1. Shift - I, Reasoning

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#2. Shift - II, Reasoning

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#3. Shift - III, Reasoning

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