10 TIPS for SSC CGL Tier II Exam


SSC CGL Aspirants prepare the whole year for SSC CGL Tier-I exam, but hardly get two months to prepare for the Tier-II exam, with even higher level of difficulty.

If you’re among those aspirants, here’s the 10 pro tips to crack SSC CGL Tier-II exam:

1. First things First: Before you start studying make a list of important topics that could appear in the exam and be thorough with them. Make a priority list based on the weightage and stick to it.

2. Be hard with the deadlines: While planning for study, it’s good to assign fix time for studies. But setting deadlines works much better, make a list of topics you’ll be preparing in a day and try to achieve it.

Start with some practical and achievable goals, your brain has its limits. Still set such deadlines that you’ll be able to cover the syllabus before exam or at least a major portion of the syllabus.

3. Flash cards are your friends: Flash cards comes really handy, when it comes to revision. Make flash cards of important dates, formulas or information you think you might forget.

4. Mock that Test: Just don’t underestimate the power of Mock test papers, seriously don’t. Taking mock tests provides number of benefits, it helps you analyze how much you have remembered out of what you’ve learned, and it helps you discover your weak and strong sections. Eduncle, provides mock test series and other learning materials for SSC CGL aspirants.

5. Take a break: Don’t feel guilty of those little breaks you take while studying, they’ll actually help you concentrate for long and have been proven to help memorize things for long term.

6. Take some “me” time: Yes, it’s the exam time and your primary concentration should be on studies. But your brain needs pampering too, take some time for yourself and relax.

7. Eat good, feel good: Along with all, it’s really necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Eat healthy food, avoid eating out or eating oily food that’s going to make you lazy.

8. Work it Out: Exercise, go for a short walk or some mild workout is good for health. But go over the board, your aim at this period should be studying avoid workouts that’s going to leave you Tired and unable to study.

9. Study, Revise and Repeat! Just learning or practicing the topics is not enough, along with studying new topics it’s really important to brush up the old ones. Eduncle provides digital study material in flash drives and cards which comes really handy while revision. Don’t pick any new topics, especially a few days before the exam, instead revise the topics you’ve already studied.

10. Keep Calm and Sleep: Yes, it’s hard to crack CGL, but taking stress won’t take you anywhere either. Stay calm, relax and take proper sleep. Also avoid late night studies, it’s easy to study at night because there’s less disturbance and especially if you’ve got a day job. But not at the cost of your sleep, sleeping is as important as studying as it helps to retrieve your brain preparing it to store more information. Sometimes small things make a big difference, so study well and your hard work will pay off.

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Author : Divya Jain

Divya Jain likes to chalk her blogs on education & E-learning topics. She is an enthusiast & avid learner. She likes to counsel students regarding career path selection. She specialize in exams like SSC CGL & IAS.