In this post is sharing questions asked in SSC CGL 2016 Tier-III exam held on 19th March 2017. We are sharing this questions here in our website to make it easy for you to search in future. Below are the details of the questions asked.

Important Instructions:
  • Answer sheet was given to students consisting 12 pages and each page consisted four columns and 14 rows.
  • Essay/Letters had to be written within boxes.
  • It is mandatory to choose language in front page, apart from filling Roll No., Ticket no. and Signature.
  • There were only two questions: 1) Essay 2) Letter carring 50 marks each; same as seen in CHSL 2015 Examination.
  • Choice was not given and it was required to answer both the questions.
  • Word limit for essay was 250 words and for letter word limit was 150 words. (+- 10%).
  • It was mentioned in the instructions that crossing the word limits will not be evaluated.
  • Exam was for one hour duration from 11 am to 12
Questions Asked (Exact Word to Word):
Essay (250 words)
In the event of an earthquake, for your safety, what you should do and what you should not do.
Letter (150 words)

Assuming that you are Suresh/Seema write a letter to your younger brother Naresh, highlighting the distinct benefits and shortcomings of computer based test for Multiple choice Objective Questions. 

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