World Geography

Maximum score is 30, score for 1 correct ans is 3 and for incorrect 1/3rd score will be deducted.

1.Earth is at Greatest distance from the sun on....

2.Deepest Point of India is..

3.Greatest Barrier Reef is located in.

4.North sea canal Joins..

5 .Goldilock zone is..

6. Consider About Ladhakh Plateau

  1. Highest Plateau of The world.
  2. Known as Roof of the world
  3. Largest Plateau of The world

7. Consider The following about Tropical Rainforest.

  1. Rainfall throught the year.
  2. Humidity is low
  3. Tree are invariably tall with thick foliage.

8.Consider the Following about Jupiter.

  1. Biggest Planet
  2. Also known as red planet
  3. Number of satellite are 62

9.What is the correct order of Earth's Atmospheric layers from bottom to top?

  1. Stratoshphere
  2. Mesoshpere
  3. Trosphere
  4. Theroshphere
  5. Exoshpere

10.Which of the following statement is true regarding coffee?

  1. Cultivation of the coffee requires high humus content in soil and low temperature.
  2. Brazil is largest producer and explorer of coffee in the world
  3. Yemen is the only country that produce Mocha Coffee

  1. 1.Earth is farthest from the Sun on about 4 July at Aphelion, with a distance around 94.5 million miles. And nearest at perihelion on 3rd Jan.
  2. Java trench is located south of Indonasia between the Australian Indian and the Eurasian plate ; it is the deepest point of the Indian ocean.
  3. Greate Barrier Reef is located in Australia
  4. North canal joins north seawith Amsterdam
  5. Goldilock Zone is zone of planet where life can be possible.
  6. In Tropical rainforest humidity is high.
  7. Highest Plateau of the world and so called roof of the world
  8. It is largest Planet with 67 satellite, 62 is of Saturn, red Planet is Mars and
  9. botton to top layers are Tropo,strato,Meso, Thermo, Exosphere.
  10. All 3 are true about coffee.